"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases;  It will never pass into nothingness."

John Keats

Founded in 2010 by Nicola Stanton following a long career in Property Development and Design In London , the company was born from a vision to create exciting fluid and elegant spaces defined by bold silhouettes and delicate finishes with bursts of colour against a muted backgrounds for unique Residential Interiors.   Nicola offers individual home tailoring, spacial planning , procurement, custom made furniture, lighting and accessories and  3 D Computer Renders.

"Creating beautiful homes for my clients is one of my greatest pleasures.  Our homes are our biggest assets not only financially but also for our happiness and well being and a centre for family life."


We design specifically for individual clients needs making each project unique to them whilst comfort and practicality are always our priority. 

The emphasis is on understated elegance and timeless design with a modern twist. 

The result is an interior which enhances not dictates the way you live.  Our success is born from our passion for design and to deliver an exemplary service on time and within budget.

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